Tgether for Kids

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Since we can’t provide a high-quality experience in a virtual way, FACS Niagara is asking previous Gala sponsors, donors, and guests to participate in and support the Together for Kids “Non-Gala.”

We invite you to enjoy an evening or afternoon however you choose and make a donation to support the work of FACS Niagara.

Enjoy some family time fun!

Take time for a fireside chat while supporting
FACS children & youth.

Pick an activity that you can do together with someone else to build your relationship with them — your family or your friends with whom you haven’t recently connected.

Since FACS Niagara’s mission includes strengthening families, we ask you to purposefully do something that will help build your relationship with your spouse, children, friends, or loved ones.

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Ideas for your FACs
Tgether for Kids “Non-Gala”

Candle-lit, take-out dinner from a
local winery or restaurant

Hike in the woods with friends

Family games night & pizza

Fireside chat with hot chocolate

Cook a multi-course, family
meal together

Wine & dessert video-call
with friends / Gala guests

Bake and decorate
cookies together

Dance in your living room to
your favourite songs

Make your donation to support
children and families

Enjoy food & wine during a video chat
while supporting the FACS “Non-Gala”

Your support is needed more than ever to help children, youth, and families in Niagara.

Please participate to ensure they are safe and protected and have what they need to make it through this health and economic crisis.

Dance at home for FACS Niagara.

Get dressed up for a candle-lit, take-out dinner at home while supporting FACS kids!