Help Kids —
One Smile at a Time!

Tim Hortons Smile Cookies support FACS Niagara

We are so excited that FACS Niagara has been selected to receive proceeds from the annual Tim Hortons Smile Cookie campaign for St. Catharines & Thorold this year!

Thank you so much to the generous owners and customers of those 20 Tim Hortons restaurants!

We are also pleased to be sharing the proceeds with Hospice Niagara!

Our portion of the proceeds will be used to support Summer Smiles camps, Post-Secondary Education Grants, and Home for the Holidays events.

The 2020 Tim Hortons Smile Cookie campaign will run Canada-wide from
September 14th to September 20th.

Smile Cookies will be sold for $1.00 each (plus applicable tax) with all of the proceeds going to more than 500 local charities across the country.

Your funds from the purchase from all Smile Cookies sold in St. Catharines & Thorold,
stay local by supporting the work of FACS Niagara and Hospice Niagara.

Since all proceeds stay local, why not get your cookies — and spread those smiles — by the dozen?

Treat your family!

Spread some smiles at your work place!

Now, more than ever, everyone needs a smile.  

a Few

Smile Cookies

Use the Tim Hortons app
to order one to nine cookies.

Order a Few Cookies

Where to
Get Your

Smile Cookies

Smile Cookies are available
at these 20 locations in St. Catharines & Thorold!


Dozens of

Smile Cookies

Spread the smiles with your co-workers, family, or friends with a lot of Smile Cookies!

Order a Lot of Cookies

Thank you for helping us change the lives of vulnerable children and youth in Niagara – one smile at a time!

Thanks Police Chief MacCulloch & Thorold Councillor Sentance for helping FACS Niagara and Hospice Niagara decorate Tim Hortons Smile Cookies!

Lovingly baked by Tim Hortons staff and decorated by dedicated FACS Niagara volunteers, Smile Cookies make a difference in our local community!

Thanks Jeff Burch, MPP, Jennie Stevens, MPP, and Kim Kane, CUPE Local 2328 President, for decorating Tim Hortons SmileCookies! Lots of messy fun supporting the of FACS Niagara and Hospice Niagara.

Thanks Tara, Chris & Mike for delivering delicious Tim Hortons Smile Cookies to Anna, Michelle & Laurie at FACS Niagara!

Thank you Chris Bittle, MP St. Catharines, and Vance Badawey, MP Niagara Centre, for having fun while helping FACS Niagara volunteers decorate Tim Hortons Smile Cookies!

Thanks so much Teresa and Antipastos for purchasing Tim Hortons Smile Cookies for children and youth as they visit with their parents and kin at FACS Niagara. Your wonderful treat brought so many smiles!

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