Safe & Welcoming Spaces for Children & Families and the Necessities for Success

Snacks for Kids

Families often arrive at our offices in a time of crisis – upset, fearful and sometimes hungry. Being able to offer a snack or a drink is a practical and important gesture of support and hospitality, helping to establish a relationship of trust and collegiality. Baskets of juice boxes, granola bars and snack crackers are available in the lobbies of our three branch locations in Niagara Falls, Welland and St. Catharines.

Family Spaces

It is important that we provide an environment that is welcoming and comfortable for our client families. Our waiting areas, play rooms and family visiting rooms greet and accommodate thousands of families each year. They provide private and comfortable places for families to reconnect when children are in care. They can share a snack, play together and sometimes even celebrate special occasions together here. Family visiting rooms also provide a comfortable setting for children and potential adoptive parents to get to know one another.  These areas have become worn and outdated after years of constant and vigorous use by thousands of children and families visiting our offices. Spaces become in need of fresh paint, new furnishings and new flooring.


Supplies Kids Need

Two very unique programs have been developed and supported primarily by independent community supporters. These programs have been designed to ensure that children in the child welfare system feel valued and cared for.

Project Noah

Project Noah seeks to ensure that every baby goes home well outfitted for his or her first few weeks or months of life. With help from the community, we can provide a beautiful hand-crafted diaper bag, hand knit blankets, hand sewn bibs, diapers, wipes and a plush toy or teddy bear. Not only does Project Noah help to meet the immediate needs of the baby, many items will stand as important keepsakes for the child as they continue their journey in foster care, adoption or at home. They will know that people cared enough to give them a good start in life.

Totes for Kids

Totes for Kids provides appropriate means for children and youth to transport their belongings, whether engaged in activities, coming into care, moving within care, going home or at other key transitional points in their lives such as: moving out on their own after foster care or heading off to college or university. This program allows kids and youth to uphold their dignity and self esteem and places them on a level playing field with their peers, while eliminating barriers to their participation in activities.