Advancing Educational Outcomes

We know education is one of the best investments a young person can make in their lives. Crown Wards have typically experienced hardships and challenges that increase barriers to education – from feeling that they could never achieve success in academics alone and the fear of meeting new people to wondering how they could ever afford tuition and living expenses when taking time away from work to attend classes and study.  At age 18, Crown Wards are considered adults and “age out” of provincially mandated care. They must find affordable housing, find a job, manage their household needs and expenses and get themselves to work. To a young person, the thought of managing everything on their own without the security of parents and family can be overwhelming.

FACS Education Program

To address challenges that Crown Wards are facing in education, we have created an innovative approach to not only support youth in completing high school, but also offer both financial and human resources to provide them with the tools they need to pursue post secondary education and continue to lead successful, independent lives.  Many of our Crown Wards are the first in their family to obtain this level of education.

The three main components of our education program are:

Education Liaisons – FACS employs retired educators who monitor the progress of our youth and help them work through any challenges that they may have with their secondary school education.

Crown Ward Championship Team – Starting as early as grade 8, our Crown Ward Championship Team works alongside youth, helping them to plan for their future education, identifying potential obstacles and arranging tutors.

Niagara Foundation for Family & Children’s Services Education Grants –  FACS education grants help with the costs of college, university and job skills training.  Education grants assist not only with the financial burden of former crown wards who do not have parents or caregivers to assist in supporting them financially, but as important, provide emotional support and encouragement. Our education grants remove burden and hardship but also sends a strong message of support to our kids so that they know someone believes in them and is dedicated to and rooting for their success. We know they can do it.

For the most recent report to donors about the 37 Educational Grants in 2020, please CLICK HERE: