COVID-19 Emergency Needs

Children, Youth and Families Need Emergency Support

Challenging Times:

We have each been challenged by the COVID-19 crisis, especially the vulnerable children, youth and families served by Family & Children’s Services Niagara.

And as the pandemic continues, they risk becoming even more isolated and overwhelmed.

With this crisis dragging on and on, it is increasingly difficult for our families to meet even their most basic needs. Families needing to turn to food banks or other community resources are finding those supports overwhelmed.

That’s why we need your help for vulnerable families and youth – to ensure they have what they need to make it through this crisis.

Helping Families Weather the Storm:

By ensuring that their basic needs are met, we can help families stay strong during these trying times. We can keep kids safe and prevent the need for more serious child protection interventions. And, we can ensure that youth raised in care get the support they need because they have no family to turn to.

Your gift of $50 now can help keep a child fed this week.

A gift of $250 will provide food, toiletries, health care products, and cleaning supplies that a family so desperately needs.

Your donation of $500 will help to cover basic necessities and keep the lights on for one of the more than 800 families supported by FACS Niagara.

Your donation now will also assist a youth who was laid-off from their part-time job because of this pandemic.

Whatever your gift, know that it will help children, youth and families in the Niagara peninsula, as the need continues to increase and change during this ongoing health and economic crisis.

We Are All in this Together:

Family & Children’s Services Niagara and the FACS Foundation are doing all we can to support families and children during their time of need. We are working to keep families strong and supported, and to keep children safe.

But we can’t do it without you.


You can help those most vulnerable in Niagara. Your gift today can help bring some certainty and security to a struggling family when their world has been turned upside-down. You can help ease the stress and anxiety of a youth raised in care and trying to live on her own for the first time.

Thank you for recognizing that we are all in this together. We appreciate you supporting vulnerable children, youth, and families during these unprecedented times.

Imagine: Safe kids. Strong families. Youth and adults at their best.